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11 - The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
The power has been mysteriously cut off from NERV, and it couldn't have come at a worse time. Yet another Angel has made its appearance, attempting to burn its way down into the Geo-Front, and Rei, Shinji, and Asuka must make their way down to the depths of NERV where their Evangelions are kept, forced to use emergency ducts that descend underground. Meanwhile, the NERV staff struggles to prepare the Evangelions for a manual launch, racing against the Angel in an attempt to save Tokyo-3 from destruction.

12 - She Said "Don't Make Others Suffer for Your Personal Hatred"
Misato fights the demons of her past and her memories of the Second Impact, while a very powerful space-traveling Angel is detected descending on Tokyo-3. In the absence of Commander Ikari and Vice Commander Fuyutsuki, Misato has ultimate authority over NERV operations. But she must stave off her own personal hatred for the Angels in order to come up with a solution to the latest Angel attack, coming up with a tactical solution that puts all three EVAs and their pilots at the most gravest of risks.

13 - Lilliputian Hitcher
NERV has faced many outside Angel threats and has somehow managed to get through them all. But this time, the attack comes from within as a microscopic nanomachine network is the latest Angel to attempt to destroy NERV. With the Angel being too small and too risky for the giant Evangelions and their pilots to fight, it is now left to Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, Maya Ibuki, and the rest of the technical staff to defeat it. In order to stay on par with the Angel's superior mechanical knowledge, Ritsuko decides to employ the MAGI, the computer system developed by her mother, in order to finish the job. But with even the MAGI being infected by the Angel, Ritsuko is on borrowed time in order to eliminate the threat before it activates the irreversible self-destruct sequence that will level NERV HQ.

14 - Weaving a Story
NERV's supervising organization SEELE takes the time to review the actions since the appearance of the first Angel since the Second Impact. Observing logs, personal entires, and other accounts, they attempt to piece together the story as it has happened so far, and evaluate it. Gendo assures the council of mysterious men that they are well on their way to mankind's destiny. But SEELE will make their own judgement, and whether or not they come to the conclusion that Gendo has is another story entirely.

15 - Those Women Longed For the Touch of Others' Lips, and Thus Invited Their Kisses
Yet another wedding of an old college friend has Misato, Ritsuko, and Kaji thinking about their own futures and their lives, while Shinji and Gendo become strangely communicative with each other. A visit to Shinji's mother's grave serves to form an unusual bond between father and son. Meanwhile, Misato finally reveals her real reason for her attraction to Kaji, as the plot begins to thicken with part of NERV's secrets discovered underground.

16 - Splitting of the Breast
Shinji is finally beginning to think he has the hang of piloting an Evangelion. His synchronization rating and self-esteem rises even higher with every compliment that he gets. However, all of that is erased in an instant as Shinji's new found confidence gets him entombed inside the latest Angel threat! Unable to escape and running only on internal life support, Shinji must now face his past and present pain, as well as his imminent death, while the rest of NERV scrambles to save him from the clutches of the most powerful Angel yet.

17 - Fourth Children
NERV and the Marduk Report have finally found the Fourth Child and designated pilot for EVA Unit-03, and it is someone no one would have really expected. Shock and surprise ripple through just about everyone at NERV as news of the identity of the Fourth Child is spread. Shinji, seemingly the only one unaware of the true identity of the Fourth Child, continues as normal, finding out, among other things, that Kaji has a strange but relaxing pasttime. With the 2nd branch of NERV desotryed mysteriously, however, the relaxation won't last long.

18 - Ambivalence
NERV is finally receiving EVA Unit-03, and eagerly places its new pilot inside for a seemingly routine sync test. But yet again, fate rears its ugly head as Unit-03 is taken over by an Angel, destroying the research facilities and wreaking havoc on Asuka and Rei as they try in vain to stop the rampaging EVA. Now it's up to Shinji to stop the Angel/EVA before it invades NERV HQ - but he'll have to make a decision to fight against someone he doesn't even know, but still feels a strang ebond with as a pilot. Gendo, however, doesn't feel the same, and he will do anything in order to protect the interests of NERV and of SEELE.

19 - Introjection
In anger and frustration over seeing the broken and battered body of the Fourth Child, Shinji threatens to blow up Tokyo-3 with the self-destruct sequence of his EVA. When that fails, he tenders his immediate resignation from NERV as an EVA pilot, disgusted by the actions of his father. Shinji's "retirement", however, may be short-lived as another Angel threatens to endanger not only NERV, but all of Tokyo-3 and its innocent civilians in the Geo-Front shelters! Now Shinji must make a choice between his pride and his conscience, but little does he know that his decision will take him down a path from which there is no return.

20 - Weaving a Story II: Oral Stage
EVA Unit-01 has once again shown its enigmatic yet incredible power. However, Shinji has completely disappeared, almost without a trace, and NERV must work against time to find a solution to this latest dilemma. Misato and Ritsuko are on edge with each other as the fate of the Third Child hangs in the balance. However, it's more than Shinji's body that is on the line - it is his very soul, as he is forced to look inward and discover his reasons for existence, piloting an EVA, and his lack of hope for the world.
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