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21 - He was Aware That he was Still a Child
In a desperate attempt at finding out the truth, Kaji takes a dangerous gamble that may very well cost him in a way that he surprisingly expects. In the process, the real story of Gendo and Fuyutsuki's past comes out, as well as that of Yui, Gendo's now-deceased wife. At the end of a century, a subtle love triangle had formed, but the Second Impact, and the events that would be put into motion afterwards, would change them forever. Even part of the hidden past of the First Child, Rei Ayanami, is revealed as a result of Kaji's bid for the complete and utter truth, but Misato may never forgive him for his deadly game of playing all the sides.

22 - Don't be.
Ever since EVA Unit-01's instability has become more and more apparent, Asuka's usual self-confidence has been going down. Upstaged again and again by the reluctant Shinji and without anyone to turn to, Asuka's buried past begins to come back and haunt her as the memories she tried to suppress come to her in her dreams. However, the latest Angel does far more than nudge with a half-remembered dream. Instead, it comes with a mental nightmare that may cripple Unit-02 and its pilot, forcing NERV to make a critical decision and sacrifice one of their greatest weapons.

23 - Rei III
With Asuka mentally traumatized and Shinji's EVA still in restraints, Rei and Unit-00 are the only active EVA and pilot able to fight the Angels. Sure enough, an Angel makes an appearance, infecting Unit-00 and Rei with a strange, seemingly incurable disease while trying to make contact with the dark corners of her mind. With Shinji in danger, Rei is forced to make a decision that will save the one other person she truly cared about. Shinji and Misato quickly discover shortly thereafter, however, that the mystery that is Rei Ayanami is more complex than anyone could have ever imagined. Ritsuko holds the key to unlocking the mystery of Rei - and the answer will change all of them forever.

24 - The Beginning and the End
Kaworu Nagisa is the Fifth Child, and Unit-02's designated temporary pilot. Friendly, enigmatic, and good-hearted, he wins Shinji's trust and Rei's puzzlement with his multi-faceted personality. However, as with many things, there is more to this young boy than meets the eye, and when the heart of NERV is threatened because of who he really is, Shinji must follow after him. In the end, Shinji will take the final steps to a crossroads that may decide the ultimate fate of him and of all mankind.

25 - Do you Love me?
The Angels are all dead, and now Shinji holds in his hand the abilitiy to destroy or save the world. The Third Impact is a reality, and Shinji must take a journey, alone, into the depths of his psyche in order to discover what he really wants and who he is. His fellow pilots, guardians, and friends will all be examined in this endgame, and Shinji may make a decision that may very well depend on what they have to communicate to him in his heart of hearts.

26 - Take Care of Yourself
Shinji now turns his attention to the reality of things, and of mankind in his self-deliberation. Thrown into different perceptions of reality and alternate dimensions, Shinji must come to grips with how he is leading his life and decide whether or not to continue living it. At last, Shinji will pull the world from the edge of the abyss, but whether or not he decides to throw it back into the darkness is a choice that will save or damn his soul forever.
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