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1 - Angel Attack
After 15 years of dormancy, the mysterious Angels, creatures that have threatened to destroy mankind in the past, have returned once again to wreak havoc. Not even the might of the combined UN forces are enough to stop the latest Angel from attacking Tokyo-3. In the midst of the chaos, 14-year old Shinji Ikari is told to meet his estranged father after years of separation. Knowing only that his father works for a branch of the Japanese government called NERV, he is met by Captain Misato Katsuragi and taken to their underground base. But what Shinji hasn't yet realized is that he has been called upon to be the embodiment of mankind's last hope in the Evangelions, NERV's top secret project and supposedly the only effective weapon against the Angels. Untrained and alone, Shinji must face a near-invincible Angel in his first battle.

2 - Unfamiliar Ceiling
Shinji's first attempt at piloting an Evangelion goes awry as the Angel causes serious damage to it. Waking up in a hospital bed, Shinji struggles with his jumbled memories of his first battle as the city recovers from the damage incurred by both the Evangelion and the Angel. An enthusiastic Misato takes in the recovered Shinji to live with her rather than leave Shinji alone and to himself. As Misato warmly welcomes him into his new home, it seems that Shinji begins to feel a small glimmer of happiness for the first time since being called back by his father - until he recalls the dreadful battle and his horror at seeing the deadly capability and true face of the Evangelion he pilots.

3 - The Phone That Never Rings
Shinji learns more about piloting the Evangelions and continues his training, though he is hesitant to do so. Though he has been attending class at his new school, he is unable to make new friends. When it is found out that he is the pilot of an Evangelion, however, he gains many friends and admirers - as well as a couple of enemies. After a hostile encounter at school with a bitter fellow student, Shinji is forced to fight once again - this time against an Angel more powerful than the last. Shinji must forget the pain and hurt of what he has done and what he has gone through in order to defeat this new enemy...even if he is forced to protect the very people who hate him for what he is.

4 - Rain, Escape, and Afterwards Dreading both those around him and himself, Shinji runs away from Misato, NERV, and life. Alone as he was before he is able to try and think through his reasons for piloting as well as decide on whether or not to return. In the meantime, NERV searches frantically for the lost EVA pilot, and finally finds him - but there is no sense of relief, only anger at his actions. Shinji now faces the termination of his short but turbulent employment with NERV, but he just might find a source of strength from two new friends.

5 - Rei, Beyond Her Heart
Making a fresh start in NERV, Shinji now turns his attention to Rei Ayanami, his quiet and enigmatic fellow pilot who always seems to be alone and by herself - that is, except when she's talking with his father. Shinji begins to wonder about the relationship between Rei and his father, and especially about Rei's odd behavior in general. However, he has no time to process any of what he observes, because a new and deadly Angel makes an appearance - and Shinji is firsthand receiver of its primary weapon.

6 - Showdown in Tokyo-3
After being seriously injured at the hands of the Angel, Shinji is forced to pull back while NERV considers its options. Working against time, as the Angel drills to the Geo-Front below, Misato comes up with a last-ditch plan involving both EVAs and a highly experimental positron rifle that just may have the ability to eliminate the threat. Not only do both Rei and Shinji have to learn to work together, but they must also hold the entire power supply of Japan in their hands as they prepare for one last attempt at defeating the most powerful Angel yet.

7 - The Human Creation
Misato's somewhat insane plan to take out the last Angel has made the voice of NERV nay-sayers even louder, and this time, there's someone out there to oppose the Evangelion Project. A scientist unveils Jet Alone, an automated robot which can supposedly run more efficiently than the power-inhibited EVAs and perform just as well. At first, Ritsuko and Misato are abashed at being shown up by this new upstart project - but when "JA" goes out of control and threatens to destroy an entire city, only an Evangelion may be strong enough to stop it.

8 - Asuka Strikes!
Finally, NERV Japan is getting the first Production Model Evangelion into its hands via the UN Navy, along with its overconfident and somewhat brash pilot, Asuka Langley Soryu. As the future is seen in EVA Unit-02, the past is also represented in the appearance of a familiar person from Misato's past. But reunions and hopes are both interrupted when a sea-faring Angel appears to take on the fleet and its precious cargo. Asuka and Shinji must now test out the EVA Production Model - even if it's going to be in a real battle.

9 - Both of you, Dance Like you Want to Win!
Just a few days back from the long trip at sea, the Evangelions face their newest challenge yet - a powerful Angel that splits into two parts that attack in tandem. Seemingly invincible when separated, the Angel humiliates Asuka and Shinji in their first team battle. Misato, Ritsuko, and Kaji come up with the perfect countermeasure to the dual Angel - make the Evangelions fight in perfect sync, using dance music to make the process easier. But it's going to take a lot more than just music to get the likes of Shinji and Asuka working together, and Misato has to resort to extreme measures in order to get the job done
10- Magma Diver
While Asuka adjusts to life in Japan and Misato struggles to keep the annoyingly charming Kaji out of her hair, an amazing discovery is found. NERV has a perfect opportunity when a developing Angel is found in the depths of a volcano. Seeking to retrieve an actual live sample for study, Asuka is sent with her EVA in a lava/heat resistent suit to investigate. But it takes some quick thinking on Asuka's part when the Angel decides to incubate faster than anticipated, breaking out of its energy cage and attacking the helplessly suspended EVA Unit-02.
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